Dear Guest,

As there is a great possibility that our website will be visited by English-speaking people, we have chosen to create a separate page in this language. It is also possible to translate the site by using the translation function of Google, but if you choose to do this, we can’t guarantee a reliable translation.

The Sittard Wargraves Committee in the Netherlands, is a civilian organization which has been in existence since 1946.

The aim of the Wargraves Committee is to honour and respect those who gave their lives for our freedom in the Netherlands and to keep their memory alive, by means of various ceremonies of Remembrance at local cemeteries and a multi-national Service of Remembrance in the church in Sittard on Remembrance Sunday.

In our city Sittard, which lies in the heart of the Southern province of Limburg in The Netherlands, there is a Commonwealth War Cemetery. More than 230 British servicemen and one woman,  who lost their lives as a result of war, in and around this area, are buried in this cemetery.

Commonwealth servicemen are also buried in the city cemetery in Sittard. For the exact location of the cemeteries and more information about the people buried there, we have a page with very useful links on the Internet.

Every year on Remembrance Sunday the War Graves Committee organizes a multi-national Service of Remembrance in the Main Church of Sittard. This service is attended by military personnel of various nationalities, both serving and retired. At the end of the service in the church, there is an official wreath-laying ceremony at the cemetery.  The mayor of Sittard, other local civilian dignitaries and senior officers from joint forces, attend the ceremony and lay wreaths. Both activities are very moving and dignified. We would highly recommend them to you to attend.

Every year we arrange for relatives of one of the servicemen or women, who are buried in Sittard, to attend the ceremonies at the cemeteries and the special Remembrance Sunday service, as guests of honour.

So, if you are one of the relatives and you are interested in taking part in the ceremonies and the church service, we encourage you to contact us so that we can arrange and plan your visit. There is an annual budget to compensate a part of your expenses.

We hope you are able to enjoy our website, the pictures and all the stories. In this way, we want to confirm the strong bond between Dutch and Commonwealth countries. We will always remember those, who gave their lives so unselfishly for our freedom. We show our gratitude for their sacrifice, by our continued remembrance.

Our foundation also takes part in educational projects, so that younger generations learn about and understand the sacrifices that had to be made in the past, so that we can live in freedom and prosperity today.

If you have any questions, just phone or mail the members of the committee. They are all used to speaking in English.

For more information you can also use the Internet links. Most of them are in English!

We look forward to having contact with you, and perhaps even to your visit.